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Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution (Digital)$37

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Here's Exactly What You're Getting
  • The Complete Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program.

  • The Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Program Manual.

  • The Hypothyroidism Exercise Supplement Guide.

  • The Mobility Warmup Manual & Videos.

  • The Phase 1 Workouts Manual & Videos.

  • The Phase 2 Workouts Manual & Videos.

  • The Phase 3 Workouts Manual & Videos.

  • The Hypothyroidism Exercise Workout Schedule.

  • Free Bonus: Homemade Exercise Equipment Guide.

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"Your Hypothyroidism Exercise Program taught me where I was going wrong and now I have energy doing the exercises that are enhancing my thyroid rather than ‘flogging’ it. Your recommendations have made a big difference and now my muscle mass is good and the weight is coming off."

Christine S.
Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Member

"I’m soon to be 52. I started to notice I couldn’t recover for days after working out with my trainer. I just completely crashed and had absolutely NO energy! I found a Functional Med. doctor who told me all I could do is walk and not get my heart rate up more than double my resting rate. I hate not working out, so I got your workout plan and did my first one and I felt amazing!"

Robin M.
Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Member